We may finally being seeing hints of summer in the UK, but that shouldn’t mean compromising safety when you’re out on your motorcycle.

Not only can wearing the correct kit potentially save your life, but it’s also part and parcel of looking and feeling like a proper rider. Having high-quality motorcycle leathers and motorcycle gloves that are adaptable to seasonal weather can save you money, as well as protecting you if you do end up in a scrape.

Proto Leathers are a North East based motorcycle leathers and accessories retailer who operate a significant part of their retail via their online store, http://protoleathers.co.uk. In addition to supplying you with new motorcycle clothing from brands like RKSports and Alpinestar Motorcycle Suits, Proto also offer a bespoke motorbike leathers repair service.

A large portion on Proto Leathers’ market is the sale of popular motorbike lids, supporting brands like Shoei helmets and Shark helmets. Proto are currently offering visitors to the site a chance to win a stylish Nitro Apex Helmet, for which winners will be drawn at the end of July.

Safe and sophisticated, Proto Leathers create and sell motorcycle clothing with you in mind. If you’d prefer to visit Proto in-store, you’ll find them in Newcastle’s very own bike community on Westgate Road. For more information, visit http://protoleather.co.uk.