Oak Natural Oiled FooringOnce the idea of home improvement gets into your head it’s hard to shake. Every imperfection of that tatty carpet or chipped laminate floor serves as a constant reminder that you could have much better.

The UK may be going through the most stable summer we’ve seen recent memory but we all know where it’s eventually headed. Those cold winter mornings when our feet recoil from the freezing bedroom floor that feels more akin to an ice rink than a hardwood floor.

It’s a good thing that NY Timber’s www.flooringanddoors.co.uk are at hand to revitalize your home with hardwood flooring solutions that add both character and warmth.

A number of engineered wood flooring options are available from NY Timber’s extensive online catalogue that perfectly combines style with functionality. Their variety of exquisite Forest Oak Floors and bespoke Dennebos Floors offer options that can suit any budget. Weather you’re in the market for dark or light, solid or engineered, traditional or contemporary they have the hardwood flooring answer to any home improvement woes.

Begin your home rejuvenation project with peace of mind as many of the company’s engineered oak flooring options come with manufacturers guarantees. All the Oak floors marked this way are expertly crafted to minimize the expansion and contraction from under floor heating systems.  Enjoy the warmth without the worry.

After over 30 years of reliable service and glowing testimonials NY Timber have proven again and again that they are committed to providing beautiful real wood flooring and excellent fitting services. More information on the company’s history and other services can be found at their website www.nytimber.co.uk .

NY Timber’s vast selection of flooring and doors can be ordered right now from www.flooringanddoors.co.uk. Be sure to check out their “Special Offers” section as well to take advantage of the latest deals for a limited time only.