Month: June 2015

It’s Hot Tub Party Season… Is your Swim Spa Protected?

By the looks of things, summer has finally joined us here in the UK, meaning it’s time for barbeques, ice creams, and of course Hot Tub parties! For those of you lucky enough to own your own hot tub, you’ll already know the importance of keeping it properly maintained and cared for all year round. Hot Tubs in the UK require even more care due to the changing climate and unpredictability of the weather. SpaMaster are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Hot Tub covers UK, and offer custom made solutions for virtually any hot tub or swim spa on the market. With various options in colour, strength, durability and a whole host of additional features, there’s really no other supplier who can provide you with covers for tubs with such high quality at such a fair price. From floating hot tub covers to cover lifters, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to both style and protection. The Cover Rock-It is one of the most popular products on the SpaMaster website, held in place by the weight of the spa itself. Many prefer this particular cover due to its unique storage on the side of the tub when folded down, with an anodised and powder coated finish to prevent rust and encourage years of service. For those looking for a simpler hot tub cover with less...

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The Importance of Room Acoustics and Sound Absorption Practices

In an enclosed space, sound follows certain behavioural patterns when it reflects on the walls, floors and ceilings. In school buildings, concert halls and recording studios for example, issues surrounding sound absorption are critical, which is why such rooms and spaces must be constructed using the correct materials. Leading acoustic light absorption panel manufacturer Lignotrend specialise in the production of materials developed for room acoustics, specifically to reduce reverberation and echo from inside a space. Natureplus certified, these panels are ecological, sustainable, and toxic free, and due to their unique manufacturing process will not warp over time with long term performance and reliability. By reducing the reverberation time in a room, echoes and airborne noise will be greatly condensed, helping create an ambient and appropriate environment related to the room’s purpose. Such products also aid in the absorption of water vapour and humidity, regulating the interior atmosphere, thanks to the inclusion of wood fibre backing materials and an intricate surface design. The panels release the vapour again when the air gets too dry, and are also impregnated with a fire retardant treatment. As a Lignotrend distributor, Acara Concepts are more than equipped to help you tackle issues surrounding room acoustics and sound absorption. With a choice of timber finishes and design, these room acoustic panels will reduce background noise levels and improve sound quality in a room. The difference...

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