Month: December 2014

Why It’s All Location, Location, Location

There are many advantages for businesses to opt for renting commercial property instead of outright buying somewhere. Buying a property involves upfront costs, including a large deposit, maintenance costs and potential improvement costs. The consequence of this is leads business owners to spend more time thinking about the running of the building and less time on the business itself. On top of that, the loss of money on fixing any repairs could impact on your cash flow. One huge benefit to leasing a commercial space is that you can afford to situate your company in an area you might not be able to afford otherwise. A good location will vastly improve your public image, therefore leasing provides a more affordable solution as your money isn’t tied up in real estate. Python Properties are a UK specialists in commercial and residential accommodation. They offer smart and stylish commercial offices for let and residential property. For commercial property Middlesbrough, commercial property Bolton or commercial property Warrington, business owners are guaranteed a first class service and extremely competitive rents. Flexibility is another advantage to leasing out a commercial property. There should always be room for expansion and this option lets you do that without the fuss of selling and buying a new property where you might potentially make a loss. The team at Python Properties work actively with all their tenants to...

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How Green Offices Benefit Employees

Green living has become more important than ever and as time goes on it will only become a more prominent issue. While it used to be a matter of making an extra effort to save energy and reduce waste in the home, this has since extended to the professional side of things. Public buildings such as schools, hospitals and offices are under an increasing amount of pressure to make the change and go green, even if it’s just a step by step process that takes a few years to implement completely. There are plenty of reasons for offices to go green and these reasons go beyond the concept that it should be done just for the sake of the environment. While the environment is incredibly important and vital to our survival and quality of life, sustainable office design can also have positive impacts upon employees and people using the building. For example, a report carried out in September of this year revealed that the way an office is designed can significantly impact on the health and wellbeing of staff. It was also found to have an effect on productivity and could be a contributing factor to the amount of sick leave and staff turnaround within the business. It’s fascinating to think that people can be so sensitive to their environments but it also makes a lot of sense; even...

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