Month: March 2014

Combat Household Allergies With Interior Plantation Shutters

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home, but this is the case for the millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies. According to Allergy UK, 20% of the UK population are affected by allergies which are caused by substances including pollen, house dust mites or moulds. For several people, indoor allergens will cause symptoms to continue throughout the year. One simple but effective way to combat dust and mould around the house is to install plantation shutters. They are easy to clean and to maintain, and therefore offer home-owners an option which is more hygienic than curtains or other types of blinds. Interior plantation shutters are an ideal addition to any home whatever the season, as they have the ability to both ventilate a room and keep in the warmth. Wilmslow Plantation Shutters are the North West’s leading supplier and each of their shutters are expertly crafted by one of the world’s largest and most skilled timber merchants. As well as being incredibly energy efficient and a guard against household allergens, the shutters also offer protection against noise pollution and aid privacy control with their unique open/close mechanism. Plantation shutters will also inject a touch of elegance and style into the home. Wilmslow Plantation Shutters provide property owners with a choice of natural and engineered wood options in a wealth of various colours and...

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Asbestos – The Ongoing Danger in the Workplace

The health of a person in their place of work is of paramount importance, but thousands of people within the UK are still at risk from being exposed to deadly substances, including asbestos. Although the poisonous material was banned in 1985, the number of deaths caused by related diseases such as Mesothelioma has grown substantially. According to a study by the University of Leicester’s Department of Cancer Studies, we have the highest incidence of asbestos related diseases in the world, and this figure will reach it’s peak in 2020 and sharply rise over the next 20 years. Asbestos regulations implemented by the Health and Safety Executive are now in place to ensure that employers are taking all the appropriate steps to prevent the spread of asbestos if it is found in the workplace, and face sizeable fines if the guidelines are not followed. Lucion Environmental are a UKATA certified company with seven offices across the UK, and promote asbestos awareness in the workplace. As one of the only licensed activities in the country, business owners need to be informed about the cost and risk associated with asbestos removal. Lucion provide asbestos abatement services, which includes project management support for clients where they can obtain a specification written by a qualified consultant with a knowledge of contract law, asbestos removal techniques and cost control. Alongside project management support, Lucion provide...

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Eco-homes scheme building new neighbourhood for Ouseburn

Construction work has begun on an award-winning sustainable housing scheme which will bring 76 new eco-homes to a vibrant, up-and-coming area of Newcastle. The leader of Newcastle City Council, Cllr Nick Forbes, looked on as the transformation of the former Ice Factory and Heaney’s Coachworks site on the banks of the Ouseburn got under-way. The £14m Malings project – named after Malings Pottery which operated on the site during the 1800s – will see developers Carillion igloo deliver on its promise to bring low-energy, high-quality and neighbourhood-focused housing to the Lower Ouseburn Valley. Carillion-igloo is a joint venture company formed between The igloo Regeneration Partnership, fund managed by Aviva Investors and asset managed by igloo Regeneration Ltd, and Carillion plc. The design by architects Cany Ash and Robert Sakula has received national recognition, having been named winner in the Housing Design Awards 2013. David Roberts, igloo Project Director, said: “The Ouseburn Valley is just such a fantastic location and a place that we have come to love since preparing our initial schemes here in 2006. The time is now right to pioneer high-quality housing in the Valley with an outstanding example of 21st century living – low-energy, high-quality, neighbourhood-focused healthy living.”  Nick Forbes, Leader of Newcastle City Council, said: “This is the first site being delivered as part of our key partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency and...

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Green Ship Recycling Tops Agenda

There’s an increasing demand for better ship recycling, using ‘green’ methods that are environmentally aware of hazardous materials that pose significant wildlife and health risks. Amongst the many dangers of improper ship recycling is the issue of asbestos exposure, and damage to coastal ecosystems when ships are disposed in unauthorised breaking yards. One firm campaigning their services for green ship recycling is leading UK hazard management company Lucion Marine. Lucion are actively involved in the compliance with EU Ship recycling regulations, and aid ship owners & yards in producing both SRPs (ship recycling plans) and IHMs (inventory of hazardous materials). There are very few companies within the UK offering this service, and Lucion have extended their global reach by also acting for Singapore based ship yards. Lucion Marine’s website, contains full details on the steps that need to be taken for vessels due for recycling, as well as definitions and explanations on IHMs and hazardous material identification. Sister company Lucion Environmental focuses on hazardous material management in built environments, and can guide business owners through asbestos abatement consultancy and asbestos management. For more information please visit...

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Could You Be More Energy Efficient?

Climate change has fast become one of the biggest areas of new legislation for most of the world’s leading economies. The number of climate change laws has risen from just 40 to almost 500 at the end of 2013, according to a study from Globe International. If the EU is to reach its target of a 40% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030, this trend is likely to continue. Sam Fankhauser, the Co-Director of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change at the London School of Economics has said; “One of the most powerful drivers of climate legislation is the number of climate laws passed elsewhere.” Within the UK there are many legal provisions on renewable energy, energy efficiency and low carbon research and development. In terms of improving the energy efficiency of buildings, business and building owners have to adhere to TM44 regulations. It is a legal requirement for all air conditioning units with a cooling output greater than 12Kw to undergo a TM44 air conditioning inspection. Green Zone Surveys are a building compliance company who are dedicated to improving Britain’s energy efficiency, with experienced and highly professional teams spread throughout the UK. TM44 inspections are a specialty of theirs, now a  legal requirement to be carried out every five years, in order to assess if a building’s air conditioning unit is energy efficient. Green Zone Surveys  also offer...

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