Benefits Of Property Online Auction With Auction House North East

Part of Auction House UK Ltd, Auction House North East offer property and land auctions throughout Newcastle, Sunderland and Cumbria. Auction House North East’s main aim is to provide a network both locally and nationally to independent auctioneers who wish to buy or sell property and land. As well as traditional auctions, property auctions Lake District offer online auctions. This article will highlight the benefits from a seller and a buyer perspective when choosing this method.

Selling by Online Auction

The speed at which you can sell property or land is very efficient. With online auctions there is usually a fixed time period around 21 days, after this period the highest bidder has the option to buy. Once selected there is a period of 28 days to exchange contracts for house auctions in Newcastle.

There is more chance of your property being available to buyers nationally as well as locally. Your property is listed across various property portals and on the main website. Further to this the property is promoted to a targeted database.

Open house viewings can be arranged. Instead of working your time around potential buyers over a period of time, the expert team at property auction Lake District arrange and host a day for your property to be open to buyers. The team offer their knowledge and answer any queries the buyers may have regarding your home.

Buying by Online Auction

If you are lucky enough to win the bidding war on some of the luxury properties offered across the Auction House sites, no other bidder will be able to make an offer during your ‘Option to Buy’ period. However, if the seller was to change their mind about auctioning their home during this period, you would receive your full deposit back.

With online auctions, there are a range of properties to browse and bid against such as, residential flats, bungalows and homes. The properties will usually be of conventional construction and may be vacant, tenanted or owner occupied. The online auction offers property auctions in North West and to other areas such as the South East and further North.

There are no hidden surprises with an online auction with Auction House North East, all of the terms, conditions and costs are set out clearly prior to your purchase. All bidders have a fair chance of becoming the top bidder, as you access the online auction via the bidding system.

For more information regarding online property auctions Bishop Auckland with Auction House, visit today. The team are available to answer any queries you may have regarding online or traditional auctions in the North East.

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Moving Home? No Problem Box Express Has It Covered!

There comes a point in our lives when we decide to move home, whether it be to downsize, fly the nest from your parents or for work commitments. Moving your entire contents can be a lengthy and draining process as you’re constantly between your two homes, unless of course you have a large moving van. Packing all of your belongings can be difficult too depending on how organised you are; some people just pack their car with bags and balance their furniture on the back seat, whereas other people like to store everything in boxes so they know where everything is, should they need to find it.

Box Express are an online packing box company based in the North of England who offer an extensive range of cardboard packing boxes suitable for when you are moving home.

They offer a range of large cardboard boxes which are perfect if you want to store many of your items in one box. For example, the cardboard boxes can be used for items of clothing especially the large tea chest boxes which is available in two quantities, five or ten box packs. They are also double-walled corrugated board to ensure maximise strength is provided to hold heavy and bulky items and the joints are stapled for added security. Further to this there are hand holes in the box making them easier to carry from one place to another.

Box Express also offer large cubed boxes which again comes with stapled joints for added security when moving heavy items. The cubed boxes again have double-walled rigid corrugated board to improve the strength, meaning these boxes can be used time and time again due to the strength and durability of the boxes. All of the cubed boxes from Box Express are made with a minimum of 75% recycled materials making them eco-friendly products. The boxes are available in a range of sizes (50x50x50cm, 60x60x60cm, 70x70x70cm, 80x80x80cm, 90x90x90cm and 100x100x100cm), so you’re guaranteed to find the size that suits your requirements!

There are a range of packing furniture covers which are perfect if you want to keep your furniture clean when moving between homes such as your sofas, mattresses and dining chairs. The sofa and chair covers are available in a range of sizes and packs with the option of a four-seater sofa cover pack.

For more information regarding any of the boxes and covers mentioned in this article, or to view the rest of the extensive box collection, visit today!

Caring for your hot tub cover – Part two

In a previous article (caring for your hot tub cover – part one), we covered the importance of high quality hot tub covers, such as those supplied by Spamaster, along with the daily harsh elements they face. In part two, you will find out some top tips on how to prolong the life of your hot tub or spa cover from Spamaster.

It’s not a toy

Avoid sitting, standing, crawling or jumping on your cover; hot tub covers are made using foam, therefore they will not even support the weight of a child.

Care for the cover handles and seams

You should only use the handles when you are opening or closing the cover along with the straps being used to secure the cover only. You shouldn’t lift your cover by the skirting either. Doing any of this can break the handles, straps and damage the seams as the weight cannot be held by these alone. In order to lift your cover, you should use a cover lifter as it puts less stress on the seams.

Use an EnergyGuard

You can save energy by using a floating EnergyGuard cover underneath the hard cover; it eliminates the loss of evaporation, retaining heat and also protects the underside of the hard cover against chemical steam.

Clean your SpaMaster cover

Every few weeks you should hose down the underside of the cover, avoid powerful washes such as jet washes as this may damage the foam. In the warmer months, you should use a quality product such as 330 Cleaner & Protector regularly; it contains UV protection which will stop the vinyl degrading in the sun. When using chemicals in your hot tub especially ‘Shock’ and ‘Oxidising’ chemical, fully remove your cover and leave it open for at least 30 minutes after placing the chemicals in your hot tub.

Secure your hot tub cover

When your hot tub is not use, always secure the locks; when trying to move or open your hot tub ensure that you unlock the locks, this provides maximum protection for your cover.

To view the hot tub and spa covers which SpaMaster have to offer, please visit

What Indeed Is A Private Virtual Hosting Server?

What certainly is a private virtual hosting server?

A potent physical machine is split into a handful of virtual web hosting servers that emulate the efficiency of a commonplace committed web server. There are several apps that make this division feasible so that the user gets a totally functional hosting server with complete server root privileges and guaranteed sources.

Virtuozzo, OpenVZ and Vserver Virtualization Computer software Systems.

The root access enables customers to activate new server-side software applications that are at instances demanded for provided scripts to execute effectively. Each and every virtual server is usually managed through a virtualization panel such as Virtuozzo, OpenVZ or Vserver, which is utilized to keep track of and restart active processes and tasks, set up a net hosting CP GUI and preserve the software program on the server up to date. A lot more skillful folks can carry out all that stuff by way of a Secure Shell terminal as well.

Managed VPS Hosting Solutions?

Particular virtual private net servers do not give complete root privileges to the user, but are managed by the provider. This is the so-referred to as managed hosting service, whereby the hosting corporation offers with the monitoring procedures and software program installations. In comparison, with the much more commonly employed unmanaged web hosting remedy, the user copes with all these issues, but provided internet hosting providers like Domincheck also supply a Managed Solutions upgrade. Hence, customers can perform anything they want on the VPS internet hosting server, but they can also rely on the hosting organization for technical matters that they cannot resolve themselves.

Gain Money With Your Virtual Private Internet Server.

The net hosting difficult disk storage space on a private virtual server is administered by way of a net page hosting CP GUI such as cPanel, Hepsia, Plesk or DirectAdmin. There are tens of CP GUIs on the internet, so customers can use either the a single furnished by the web hosting business, or the one that they want on the situation that provided web site hosting CP can function on the selected server OS. From then on, everything is totally the identical as with a typical web space hosting account – file management, mail management, database management, and so on. Given site hosting Control Panels also consist of a reseller back workplace panel, which enables individuals to set up and sell hosting plans to other people. This is a way to gain excellent revenue as users are searching for great top quality hosting solutions all the time and 1000’s of brand new domain names are becoming registered every day. Even if the virtual server web hosting package is low-finish, the end clients will not be aware of its actual sources, but will only notice the utilized up and the remaining method resources as percentages.

The Robust Sides of the Private Virtual Hosting Server.

Aside from getting much more affordably priced, a Virtual Private Server internet hosting plan has an additional benefit over a dedicated server. Although the method sources on a physical server are always restricted by its hardware, a VPS web hosting server is a virtual machine with software program restrictions. If required, these restrictions can be overcome with a handful of mouse clicks, and provided internet hosting distributors also offer “burstable” method resources as part of their standard VPS net hosting plans. If a provided resource quota limit has been exceeded, but there are residual method sources on the physical machine, they can be allocated to this given virtual hosting server, producing certain that it can deal with the momentary massive server load. This will sustain all web pages accommodated on the virtual internet hosting server up and running till either the load lowers down, or the user upgrades the package to a more potent 1. This flexibility makes Virtual Private Servers a preferred selection for resource-swallowing web sites as it guarantees their stability and uptime.

A Virtual Private Web Hosting Server – A Prudent Alternative For Your Website(s).

Picking the most suitable web hosting package can occasionally be problematic but a VPS hosting server package is invariably a wise choice for a commence. It will deliver enough system sources to cope with the load brought on by any net website, even a heavy resource-swallowing social networking web site or a huge e-commerce site.

How To Make A Great Cake

Sometimes all you need is a slice of cake, whether you have baked one for a special occasion or you want something sweet after your main meal, the cake is still one of the most popular home baked desserts in the world.


Because they are so versatile! A great cake can be made using all manner of ingredients and decorated to suit your particular need or occasion. And whatever your dietary needs, there is a cake recipe out there for you. You will even be able to find several Vegan cake recipes as well as gluten free ones. Underneath all great cakes is a basic recipe and this is what we are going to share with you today as well as tips and tricks to make it your best cake ever.

Basic Sponge Cake Recipe:


  • 200g Self raising flour
  • 1 Tsp baking powder
  • 200g Softened butter
  • 200g Caster sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • 2 Tbsp milk


  • Preheat your oven to 180C, 160C Fan or Gas mark 4.
  • Grease and line two 20cm non stick round sandwich tins with baking parchment.
  • Sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and using an electric whisk beat together until smooth.
  • Divide the mixture evenly between the two sandwich tins.
  • Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden.
  • Leave the tins to cool slightly before removing the cakes.
  • Leave the cakes to cool on a wire rack before decorating.


  • You can add other ingredients including fruit, chocolate and nuts to this simple recipe as well as flavourings and colours to make it just how you want it.
  • Use a shaped cake tin, like this amazing silicone dog mould, to change the shape of your cake, perfect for special occasions.
  • Split the mixture into cake cases to make cupcakes.
The Mason Cash Tilting Cake Decorating Turntable makes cake, pie or flan creation simple.
The Mason Cash Tilting Cake Decorating Turntable makes cake, pie or flan creation simple.

You can decorate you cake however you like, you can add butter cream and home made jam to the centre of your cake before icing the cake as a whole. Tricks to help you decorate your cake:

  • Use a tilting turntable to help you ice and decorate your cake with ease, we find these particularly useful!
  • When spreading your butter cream or icing onto your cake use a slightly warmed up knife or cake spatula as this will make the sticky butter cream and icing easier to spread.
  • Store your cake in an airtight tin or plastic cake caddy to help keep it fresher for longer. Use cutters to shape your decorations if you don’t have a steady enough hand to make delicate fondant shapes like these great butterflies.

You can have a lot of fun making and decorating your perfect cake so why don’t you give it a go and see what you can create.

More details on buys Innovative Kitchenware please go to

It’s Hot Tub Party Season… Is your Swim Spa Protected?

By the looks of things, summer has finally joined us here in the UK, meaning it’s time for barbeques, ice creams, and of course Hot Tub parties!

For those of you lucky enough to own your own hot tub, you’ll already know the importance of keeping it properly maintained and cared for all year round. Hot Tubs in the UK require even more care due to the changing climate and unpredictability of the weather.

SpaMaster are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Hot Tub covers UK, and offer custom made solutions for virtually any hot tub or swim spa on the market. With various options in colour, strength, durability and a whole host of additional features, there’s really no other supplier who can provide you with covers for tubs with such high quality at such a fair price.

From floating hot tub covers to cover lifters, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to both style and protection.

The Cover Rock-It is one of the most popular products on the SpaMaster website, held in place by the weight of the spa itself. Many prefer this particular cover due to its unique storage on the side of the tub when folded down, with an anodised and powder coated finish to prevent rust and encourage years of service.

For those looking for a simpler hot tub cover with less focus on aesthetics, the Spa Mack outer cover does the job – and for under £100. Made from heavy duty reinforced woven polyethylene, the cover is water resistant, UV resistant, tear resistant, mildew resistant and shrink proof. Perfect for a free standing hot tub unit, this cover allows the protection of the whole tub as opposed to a hard hot tub cover.

SpaMaster also offer a hot tub cover care guide, to ensure you get the longest life out of your cover as possible, regardless of type. For more information on SpaMasters Hot Tub Covers UK, please visit

The Importance of Room Acoustics and Sound Absorption Practices

LignotrendIn an enclosed space, sound follows certain behavioural patterns when it reflects on the walls, floors and ceilings. In school buildings, concert halls and recording studios for example, issues surrounding sound absorption are critical, which is why such rooms and spaces must be constructed using the correct materials.

Leading acoustic light absorption panel manufacturer Lignotrend specialise in the production of materials developed for room acoustics, specifically to reduce reverberation and echo from inside a space. Natureplus certified, these panels are ecological, sustainable, and toxic free, and due to their unique manufacturing process will not warp over time with long term performance and reliability.

By reducing the reverberation time in a room, echoes and airborne noise will be greatly condensed, helping create an ambient and appropriate environment related to the room’s purpose.

Such products also aid in the absorption of water vapour and humidity, regulating the interior atmosphere, thanks to the inclusion of wood fibre backing materials and an intricate surface design. The panels release the vapour again when the air gets too dry, and are also impregnated with a fire retardant treatment.

As a Lignotrend distributor, Acara Concepts are more than equipped to help you tackle issues surrounding room acoustics and sound absorption. With a choice of timber finishes and design, these room acoustic panels will reduce background noise levels and improve sound quality in a room.

The difference such products make to places like restaurants, theatres and auditoriums is incredible, and is generally considered an essential.

For more information on LignoTrend LIGNO Acoustic Light Absorption Panels, visit, where you will find a wealth of information including certification, uses, and recommendations for improving room acoustics and sound absorption.

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PhoneStar: Diverse Soundproofing

Soundproofing a building has many benefits, especially when the environment is sound-sensitive and that acoustics have to be taken into account to make sure that the sound is properly contained and expressed with clarity. Here are some classic examples of environments that benefit from acoustic soundproofing:


Schools have various different rooms with different requirements for acoustics. For example, the assembly hall will require good acoustics so that whoever’s speaking can be heard, whereas a music room would require soundproofing to prevent disruptions to other classes.


If you work in a large building and use different meeting rooms, soundproofing can reduce the amount of reverberation passing through the walls, which could lead to disruptions in important meetings.


Home is meant to be a haven but we’ve all had to deal with noisy neighbours at some point in our lives. If you can hear literally every word coming through your neighbours’ wall then you’ve got a serious privacy problem that can negatively impact your life in ways you might not have expected.


Factories can be loud places thanks to the clanking of machinery and much more. Soundproofing such an environment can contribute to a more peaceful space and prevent disruptions or distractions. A quieter working environment is generally better for productivity whilst reducing stress, work-related headaches and so on.

Why Soundproofing?

There are plenty of other reasons to invest in soundproofing, the least not being that a bit more peace and quiet can never go amiss! Generally, soundproofing has more benefits than simply keeping things quieter; it also leads to improved sound quality and reduced reverberation, meaning that you can hear what you’re supposed to hear without worrying about distracting external noise.

Acara Concepts are soundproofing stockists that sell solutions to retailers in the form of high quality soundproofing boards to be used for a variety of buildings and sound requirements. Whether you want to soundproof a home, a school or an office building they will have the solution to help you do it.

Previously branded as Phonewell, PhoneStar is known for its versatility and high-performance, effectively making the process of soundproofing easier and more efficient. PhoneStar soundproofing boards are certified to reduce airborne sound by an incredible 36 Decibels, and that’s just on their own. Used for soundproofing ceilings and floors, PhoneStar boards can produce even better results.

How does PhoneStar work?

PhoneStar boards are dense and with high mass. They are also soft thanks to the design, which involves an engineered, fluted cardboard carcass filled with a loose quartz sand filling. These characteristics are critical in the reduction of sound.

PhoneStar is also easy to install which would explain its popularity. For instance, it is easy to cut and fill with simple butt joints, and as well as offering excellent soundproofing properties the product also has great thermal mass that would be ideal for use with underfloor heating systems.

Acara Concepts provides soundproofing in Ireland and throughout the UK. Visit their website for more information and to read more about their soundproofing and insulation products.


Real ale and rock at Willowman Festival

The Willowman Music Festival in North Yorkshire is attracting as much attention for its top class real ales as it is for its live acts.

Over the last five years the four-day festival at Knayton near Thirsk has attracted the likes of The Wailers and New Model Army and this year Echo and the Bunnymen will take the headlining slot.

But some festival-goers would say the real star of the show is the range of real ales at pub prices that guarantee a great atmosphere before a note has even been played.

Festival director Steve Williams said: “Since day one we have endeavoured to have top quality ale at the festival. To me great beer and great music go hand in hand.

“When I planned the first festival I looked at it from the perspective of what I as a musician and music fan would want. Festival goers are fed up of being ripped off paying high prices for sub-standard beer.”

For the past three years Steve has successfully linked up with Northallerton-based Walls Brewing Company which has brewed a number of bespoke beers for the festival and sourced some excellent complimentary ales and ciders from niche breweries.

The cornerstone of the bar tent is the specially brewed Willow Wobbly ale which year after year has proven a festival favourite. Walls Brewery also supplies the festival with several of its own real ales like Summer Gold, Gun Dog and IPA.

To coincide with last year’s festival head brewer and brewery owner David Wall sourced the special brew Swords of a 1000 Men from the Revolution Brewery in Castleford in honour of singer Eddie Tudor Pole who appeared at Willowman and gave us a hit of the same name back in the 80s.

Last summer Revolution Brewery also brewed an ale called Uprising after the late reggae legend Bob Marley to mark the appearance of his band The Wailers at Willowman.  To continue the music theme last summer the brewery also supplied beers brewed at strengths of 3.3, 4.5 and 7.8 to mark the playing speeds of vinyl records.

This year will see a special London Porter on sale called Clash with a gravity of 4.5

This dark ale is made with five different malts and hopped with legendary US hops for a smooth rounded finish.

Revolution is also reviving its Unknown Pleasures ale in honour of Peter Hook and the Light’s appearance at Willowman Festival 2015 who will perform songs from the Joy Division classic debut album of the same name.

Head brewer and brewery owner David Wall said: “Willowman Festival is building a great reputation as a rock music event but also for its beer. We brew Willow Wobbly every year which is a firm favourite and a sturdy, strong but quaffable ale.

“This year we are also introducing a session Willow Pale Ale as some festival goers peak too early on the Wobbly so we thought we would offer an alternative!

“At the end of the day festival goers bring a lot of their own drink for back at the tent and pre-festival drinks, but if you keep the quality of the ales high in the bar and the prices right more people are happy to enjoy a full festival experience and forgo the delights of a warm flat can of lager.

“When the music is right you can’t beat a good pint of ale in your hand and at Willowman that is exactly what is on offer.”

As well as a range of ale Willowman will have several craft ciders, a range of red and white wine and a selection of sprits again all at sensible prices.

This year’s festival takes place over Solstice weekend from June 18-21 and joining Echo and the Bunnymen on the bill is ex-Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook and his band The Light, 80s songstress Hazel O’Connor and Dreadzone.

Flying the flag for the North East are Frankie and the Heartstrings, Bessie and the Zincbuckets and Lindisfarne members Dave Hull-Denholm and Ian Thomson who perform as The Alan Hull Songbook.

Willowman will also play host to a rare UK performance by classic New York-based ska band The Toasters, veteran punk band Goldblade, legendary DJ and former Old Grey Whistle Test host Andy Kershaw, reggae favourites Talisman, Pearl Handled Revolver, The Jeff Green Project, Ferocious Dog, Neck, Astralasia, New Groove Formation, The White Negroes, Charlotte Yanni Band, Louise Petit, Big Red and the Grinners and the fantastically named The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican.

Festival director Steve Williams said: “I thought last year’s line-up was going to be hard to beat but 2015 has come together really nicely.  The headliners speak for themselves and have already had a major positive effect on tickets sales.

“But a great festival is about more than the headline acts.  We have put together an entertaining and lively line-up that will really get the place rocking all weekend long with a bar tent packed with the best ales, wines and spirits.”

Now in its sixth year, The Willowman Festival has gained a national reputation for offering an eclectic line up of both new and established artists, while keeping ticket prices rock bottom.
The four-day family friendly festival takes place at the Hillside Rural Activities Park in Knayton, near Thirsk, over the Solstice weekend between June 18 and 21.

Spring special tickets are now on sale for a budget-busting £75 (which includes four nights camping and free parking) at  Full price tickets for the festival will be £85, children 11 and under go free, while young people tickets (ages 12 to 16) are priced at £40.

Willowman Festival was nominated in four categories in the UK Festival Awards 2014.  Best Small, Best Roots and Best Family Festival as well as Best Toilets!

Discover your strengths and put them to work

Discover your strengths and put them to work – taster workshop including Complimentary Strengths assessment valued at $9.99 
This workshop will give you a taste of how you can discover and unlock your strengths of you and the people in your organisation to find happiness, engagement and job satisfaction
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Deborah Thompson and Laura Cumming will facilitate this action-packed, experiential, taster workshop, aimed towards helping organisations and business owners to experience a taste of:
How to win more customers and a greater market share and showing you how to unlock the talents of the workforce, to retain valuable experienced staff – who are the assets of your organisation and the people who you expect to make this happen.
It’s accepted that the most successful organisations invest in their people and look to win more customers and the biggest share of the market place by first winning the hearts and minds of their employees.
Successful people and organisations are constantly seeking new ways to improve their performance, drive productivity, profitability and engagement. When you get this right, you not only retain a highly trained, experienced and engaged workforce, but also continue to grow a fan base of satisfied customers.
This workshop offers a taste of how this can be achieved and includes a complimentary code to discover your top 5 strengths.
There is a follow-on full day event to be held on 7th May at the City Library in Newcastle, which will take you and your business or organisation though a richer experience to give a greater insight into how to make this happen.
The first 10 organisations to attend the full day event are also in with a chance to win a complimentary ½ day workshop to show you how we can transform your people to love what they do, improve your productivity, profitability and engagement.
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How to put your strengths to workDeborah Thompson and Laura CummingThursday, 7 May 2015 from 09:00 to 16:00 (BST)Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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